Hey Friends, Sign My Yearbook!

I’m putting together a yearbook to celebrate my graduation and the beginning of my exciting journey as a full-time artist, and I want your messages too! Follow the directions below to join in!

Write anything you want in this yearbook! it can be a message to a friends, a shoutout, something you’re looking forward to, a note to me (maude), something about my music— let’s create a board of things that are special to us, inspire us, and bring us closer together.

Xoxo Maude

How It Works

  • step 1 Download the template and print it out on plain white printer paper. Download PDF
  • step 2 Follow the directions on the template to hand-write your message to Maude!
  • step 3 Once you’ve written/drawn your message, take a picture of the whole template page with your phone and upload it below.
  • step 4 Once we’ve added everyone’s messages to the yearbook, we’ll send out an email with a link to check it out!!!