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Shoot and Run album cover.jpg

Shoot and Run

I kept feeling like I would only hurt the people I loved the most. so this made me feel okay about that. wrote this on the 4th floor of Brearley during lunch in high school. thank you for 1.3 million streams <3333 ily guyz.



exploring a different kind of sound here. this song is inspired by real life drama about finding out a boy I thought I had something with had a girlfriend. nbd. 

wasted album cover FINAL.jpg


first song I released!! this song made came from loving someone I knew was hurting me, luckily I came out of it stronger, but the pain is universal, thank u for all the people who felt the feelings I felt here.  

Maude Reverse HD.JPG


ending a relationship, I kept replaying how everything went down, stuck in the past and all the feels. this song reminded that its ok not to be over something, but it actually helped me finally let go.