#REVOLUTIONISNOW: emerson isa.

I’ve been wanting to share this series for a while now. It is called “Words Hurt.” Based off of this concept, I created this torso, a fashion line, and garments. The idea behind it is even though someone may look “perfect” or like they have the “ideal” life on the outside or on social media, he/she can be broken on the inside. You may stand tall and pretend everything is okay, but on the inside be deteriorating. With these pieces, I want to raise awareness in that you really never know what is going on beneath the surface- what you cannot see. I want to put an end to the words that hurt and create a more caring environment. - Emerson Isa, age 18



I want to encourage YOUR unique voice. It is such a crazy time in the world right now, and we are stuck in a trance. Making ANY form of art is truly a way to break into a revolution of consciousness. If you have something that needs to be said, please share it. We need you. #REVOLUTIONISNOW

"Anger" by Shae Campbell


Untitled by Shae Campbell



"where does it all lead, who do we become? it leads to each other, we become ourselves." - Patti Smith.

This is part of the revolution- our journey to "being", or dare to BREAK our pre-conceived boundaries and live our TRUE beings. THE REVOLUTION. 

this - right now- is the revolution. thank you for being part of it. this is a safe space... to explore your own mind, to find presence + being, and find meaning. make art. read cool books. learn about the world. the motto will always be REVOLUTION. fighting the norm, daring to be something different. spread love and make peace. right now is the revolution and it straight up starts with you. we are living in a world with so much hate. it is up to us to let go of our judgements and negativity, kill our egoic selves, and find our stillness/love/peace deep within us. only when we forgive ourselves and become PRESENT can we feel true love, spread that love, and start the revolution that will change this world. whether you are 'revolting' through music, art, writing, reading, poetry, science, math... you are finding the world's beauty and your 'flow' in some dimension that is unique to you. THIS is our safe space. NURTURE your good seeds of consciousness. 

If this interests you, please think about reading THE POWER OF NOW by Eckhart Tolle, YOU ARE HERE by Thich Nhat Hanh, and BE HERE BE NOW by Ram Dass. JUST KIDS by Patti Smith. So many more. 

I'll be sharing my own forms of art (art= art/ideas/writing/work/goals/lives) and other peoples' art that speaks to me or you. If you have any ideas thoughts fears hopes desires, I encourage you to make a physical manifestation of it through any or more of these medias... please REACH out to me and lets just talk about whatever + send me your form of art. lets stop feeling lonely. don't be a stranger.