who tf is maude latour


yo boiz sup lemme tell u a lil about myself. 

I'm 18 years old and I make pop ish music. Except like cooler pop, with like rock-ish, jazz-ish, electro-ish kind of vibez. I started singing when I was a kid in a church choir where I would only lip sync, until one day I decided I'd actually make a sound and I fell in love. I moved to Hong Kong after 4th grade where I was always in choirs and the choir room literally made me feel at home despite being kind of a weird quirky loser with no friends. lol. whos laughing now mean girls? ha. I moved back to New York City for high school, where I went to Brearley, an all-female school on the Upper East Side (yes, one of the gossip-girl type schools except we were all best friends and kind to eachother). I met all my best friends in our a cappella group... we were literally Pitch Perfect... When we hung out we just harmonized and recorded covers and sang on the subway for people- twas lit. At any other school we'd be the weird music kids but at Brearley we were all weird and could all do whatever we wanted and accepted each other. ily high school. I started writing songs after I had my first #heartbreak (lol. looking back that was not heartbreak) in sophomore year. I saved up to buy my own piano (my parents are very 'do-it-yourself', which in hindsight I am extremely grateful for), and I started writing 1 song a day. I would come home from school and straight up play piano and write until 1 am and then force myself to start my homework. I started spending half my lunch breaks in the piano room at school writing songs. I had no goal of releasing any of the music I was making, I just loved making these little stories that I could blast in my room and sing to with my friends. Before we graduated we had to make a final senior project thing that could be literally anything, so I decided to get 2 of my fave songs that I wrote produced. I uploaded them to Spotify through TuneCore and they took off bigger than I could've ever imagined and they made me come to think that maybe people were actually interested in the weird ideas I had in my head- which was cool and also scary. I'm so so indebted to the dope listeners who have inspired me and stuck with me as I've grown as a human bean. Right now I'm tryna find my sound and figure out who I am and all that good stuff and learning to make music that feels like me. I've always felt a calling to politics and philosophy, and I am learning to combine my music with the other topics that have been important in my life, cuz I just cant hear another song about being #drunk #in #the #club. ugh. there is so much going on in the world and I feel so alone so often, and I know we all do. So we out here now only for the right reasons- that moment when u write or listen to a song that just makes u FEEL something REAL. like so real. Oh also going to college in the fall in NYC @ columbia after having a year off to do music- which will be .. exciting heh. I think. Welcome to this place where u are completely safe and you can say and be whoever u want. I hope u feel a little more understood because bro, I get it. I get it. Like I really do. Don't be a stranger <3 xx